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Hosting the Tauro Event

The Tauro event which occurs once a year in order to raise money for the “party even harder” charity took place on June 21st, 2018. On the Rocks Bartending hosted and bartended this event, serving summer themed drinks catering to a young party demographic. On the Rocks had four bartenders working two different bars within the event space. The duties of the bartenders was not only serve drinks, but keep the party alive and the demographic partying all night long. The party hours were from 8PM all the way to 3AM. The audience’s drink of choice was jagerbombs and good ol’ fashion Irish car bombs; our specialty. On the Rocks also partnered with a taxi service, ensuring all of the party’s attendee’s made it home safe and soundly. Overall, the party was a huge success, as the attendees left with their thirst quenched and their legs almost completely danced off.